Community-centric fundraising is a fundraising model that is grounded in equity and social justice. 

We are an ecosystem.

The people you aim to serve, staff, donors, the board, and the sector at large have critical roles to play that are mutually reinforcing in building a healthier world. Through this model, we do not Other or isolate any of our stakeholders, but bring folks together, galvanized in shared purpose and a commitment to justice. When we build community authentically, rooted in our connectedness, we mobilize the resources we need, including but not limited to funding. We each thrive when we all thrive.

History is our teacher.

I work with organizations all over the country, but live on/occupy the unceded and traditional territories of the Duwamish Nation. The history of this country and the consolidation of wealth through violence and extraction are an essential part of our story as fundraisers. We cannot fundraise responsibly if we do not acknowledge, address, and begin to repair the harm upon which our country - and our sector - was founded. We cannot heal what we cannot name.

We have the power to make change.

Together, we can shine light on fundraising practices that perpetuate cycles of harm to our communities, and invite our stakeholders into the meaningful dialogue that leads to meaningful action. We have the power to redirect our sector, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the only path toward truly just, thriving communities and a healthy planet. I am grateful to my partners in this practice, old and new, who work tirelessly and lovingly toward the world we want to live in.    

Current & Past Clients 


  • Puget Sound Grant Writers Association, Equity Planning, June 2021

  • OneJustice Pro Bono Conference, Panelist, January 2021

  • University of Washington, Guest Speaker, Ethical Storytelling, January 2021

  • Puget Sound Grant Writers Association, Ethical Storytelling, November 2020 

  • Community Foundation of South Puget Sound, Ethical Storytelling, February 2020

  • AFP Advancement Northwest, Ethical Storytelling, February 2020

  • 501 Commons, Ethical Storytelling for GiveBig, November 2019

  • Washington NonProfits Conference Deep Dive, Ethical Storytelling, May 2019



Freedom Conspiracy

Freedom Conspiracy is a collective of BIPOC consultants focused on bringing values-aligned practices to the growth opportunities at hand. Our skills cover a variety of talents and toolsets that are rooted in equity, authenticity, community and a belief in abundance. Our collective work tends to focus on capital campaigns, full fund development planning, and organizational and development assessments. 

Community-Centric Fundraising - Seattle Chapter

CCF is a growing, worldwide movement to ground fundraising in equity and social justice. I have been practicing community-centric fundraising for over a decade and am thrilled to play a role in supporting and expanding this movement in Seattle and beyond.