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Strategy & Equity


You love to hate them, you hate to love them. While it is not uncommon for orgs to build their grants programs opportunistically, creating a grants strategy that is aligned with your goals will set you up for success in ways that reflect your values. Together, we can build a plan for growing your funder relationships over time and make a compelling case that centers your community. I am also keenly conscious of the power imbalance inherent in philanthropy and can partner with you to navigate how this manifests in a values-based giving program.

Project scopes are customizable based on your budget for this work and our mutual capacity. Rates are either flat fee or hourly depending on the project and are offered on a sliding scale based on your organization's operating budget.

Prospect Research

Short-term project to assess your funding opportunities. Mapping out the ‘funding landscape’ will support you in identifying priority funders, understanding the scope and feasibility of your grants efforts and provide clarity about where to focus your valuable and limited capacity. This deliverable will be the foundation for your grants strategy.

Grant Strategy & Pipeline-building

With your existing prospects (or those identified through research), I will build a grants pipeline that plots your grant deadlines, funder outreach steps, and tracks progress to goal. This will serve as an implementation plan and grants calendar to achieve your ambitious (yet realistic!) revenue targets.

Grant Basics

Never pursued grants before and aren’t sure what to do first? My grant readiness assessment will look at your financials, processes, and capacity to identify what needs to be in place to prepare yourself successfully for building a grants program, and in many ways, the sustainability and impact of your work more broadly. I will work with you to prioritize next steps and get on your way.

Grant Writing & Grants Management

This is a retainer engagement where I work with you in an ongoing capacity to manage your grants program. This includes project managing your pipeline, tracking deadlines, supporting you with funder cultivation and outreach, and reporting. This also includes writing proposals and letters of inquiry that make a compelling case for support. I will manage the entire submission process and work with you to compile all necessary attachments, including financials. In short, we are in partnership, and I serve as a member of your fundraising team.

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