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Strategy & Equity


As fundraisers, we are community-builders. And how do we most effectively and authentically engage community? Through stories. Stories deepen understanding, bringing us closer to one another in ways that build movements and transform communities. Our stories should center and honor community, engender comprehension not just awareness, and uplift our shared purpose in building a more just world. Together, let’s tell your organization’s story through a lens of hope and the power of community.

Project scopes are customizable based on your budget for this work and our mutual capacity. Rates are either flat fee or hourly depending on the project and are offered on a sliding scale based on your organization's operating budget.

Story Audits

Ethical and community-centered storytelling is necessary if we are to move away from exploitative and extractive narratives to raise a dollar. If you are interested in reviewing your existing narratives - grants, communications, appeals, etc. - through an equity framework, this is for you. I will review your storytelling and support you in shifting tone, language and framing to reflect community-centered values. Everyone wants to be part of and contribute to a healthy community, including your donors.

Case for Support

Whether for your organization’s core work or for a capital campaign, I will build a case for support following a community-centered framework. I will facilitate visioning conversations with your team and stakeholders and ground the process in your values, potential for impact, and role in affecting positive change. This process will yield a comprehensive case that will galvanize your community to engage and contribute to your work.


I will work with your organization as a whole, your development, marketing or communications teams to understand and apply principles of ethical storytelling. This can be a single session or a series depending on your goals, including pre-work to ensure these experiences reflect your organization’s unique experiences and circumstances.

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