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Community-centric fundraising for the conscious nonprofit

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When we approach fundraising in the spirit of reciprocity and liberation, it is reparative for our communities,

organizations & ourselves. 

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About Cami

About Cami

I believe another world is possible. 


A world grounded in relationships and community, not scarcity and transaction. 


My work as a fundraiser is shaped by a commitment to practices that honor the ecosystems of our communities and engender transformational resource sharing. Shifting resources is an exercise in building a future of possibility for all communities. 

I am a grants specialist, writer and organizational strategist. My work began over a decade ago in New York City with young leaders at the intersection of arts and social justice, who taught me that truth-telling and community care are a sacred form of power. Since then, I have partnered with organizations across the country to raise over $20M in public & private funds.

I couple humanity and relationship-building with methodology and process; connect dots across a broad spectrum of ideas to synthesize clear thought and action; strive for simplicity while embracing complexity; and ultimately, support investment in community power. 

The world has fundamentally changed around us - 


Let’s work toward a future of new possibilities.



In the eternal words of Eduardo Galeano, I don't believe in charity. I believe in solidarity.

I approach my work in partnership - arm-in-arm with you and your community.


“Cami has been nothing short of a total asset to my fundraising team and organization. Her depth of knowledge and fundraising skills allowed us to grow strategically and cultivate a funder portfolio that would have otherwise been impossible without her exceptional support.”

Sarah Streat

Sr. Development Manager

Code Nation

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